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Meet Our Team

Daniel Prickett

Owner, Head of Real Estate Sales and Rentals

Tamala Prickett

Owner, Broker, Head of Marketing

Evelyn Prickett

Real Estate Sales Licensee, Marketing Director

Daniel 'Payton' Humphries 

Sales & Operations Manager, Real Estate Sales Licensee


Amber 'Breaze' Humphries

Head of Accounting, Assistant Office Manager, Real Estate Sales Licensee

Nikki Felts

Reservationist Supervisor

Makenzee Felts


Amanda Harris


Laurie Garrison


Ben Dooley

Maintenance Director & Owner Relations Manager 

Michael Payne

Maintenance Technician & Customer Relations

Elmo Melo

Maintenance Field Supervisor

Cory Webb

Maintenance Technician

Darryl Tripp

DOLO Construction Management

Jim Lawson

Inventory Manager

Andrew Brown

Maintenance Technician

Dalton Woods

Maintenance Technician

Leroy Scarborough

Maintenance Field Supervisor